Two paths to recovery based on God

Recovery Materials

Calvary Addiction Recovery Center incorporates the spiritual principles of the 12-step program with a biblical approach to recovery. The Calvary Program offers two separate yet overlapping tracks of treatment: Christian and Traditional 12-step.

The Traditional track offers a recovery based on God as the individual may understand Him (as presented by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous). The Christian track offers a Christ-centered, biblical approach to recovery.

Each client may choose either the Christian or Traditional track, whichever they are more comfortable with, and may change tracks at any time during their treatment program. While some components of the program are blended, such as addiction education groups, others emphasizing spiritual issues and scripture are separated.

Both the Christian and Traditional tracks encourage a strong spiritual foundation and a growing relationship with God in order to build a sound recovery. Calvary Addiction Recovery Center is a place where those seeking to reestablish their relationship with God can be cared for and encouraged.

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